This is a community and collaborative program since you can add information about existing maps, participate in updating maps and road information to make the routes secure.


Bikeway is designed for family cycling with your children. Don’t end up on dangerous roads, choose Bikeway!
Don’t find yourself on dangerous roads, opt for Bikeway!


It's all about getting the best route and cycling safely with the help of colour codes that recognise the type of lanes taken. The application shows the travel times, indicates places or interesting things to see..


In Gps mode, a large button activates the main functions of the program:
It can lead to emergency response in the event of an accident on bike paths or on the road.
It allows us to send notifications to perfect the application and its routes. It includes warnings of correction of bike paths, lack of information, stop of the track, deterioration, parking open or closed.
Finally, if you have rented a bike or have broken down, Bikeway stays in touch with your bike rental or contacts a repairman.
Bikeway indicates on pallets using pictograms: intersection, roundabout, signage ( Stop - Direction ), distance to travel.
Pictograms on the map indicate the "to be discovered" close to you and are indicated in the navigation scroll.